Global Virtual Summit 19th - 30th November 2018 

Why Social Enterprise? 

This free 10 day summit explores the importance of Social Entrepreneurship in creating sustainable economic, social and environmental change. 

Hear from experts around the world on their different perspectives of why social entrepreneursip is needed and the difference it is making. 


10 days, daily webinars with 14 guest experts

....and it's all free to access!

Our Guest Experts...

What is Social Enterprise? The 4 most common ways to combine social impact and business

Rianne Klein Geltink, Founder, Impact Business Base (Thailand)

Social Entrepreneurship online - changing the way we do business

Kathy Wong, Founder, Moeloco & Crazy Dreamer TV (Australia) 

Social Enterprise on a global scale - what's going on internationally?

David LePage, Principal, Accelerating Social Impact (Canada)

Circular economy models for change

Kresse Wesling, Co-Founder, Elvis & Kresse (UK)

Spreading the wealth - why we need more social entrepreneurship

Erinch Sahan, CEO, World Fair Trade Organisation (Netherlands)

Leading by example - turning your family business in to a Social Enterprise

Phillip Ullman, Chief Energiser, Cordant Group (UK)

Crowdfunding - the power of your tribe to create some good

Tom Dawkins, CEO, Start Some Good (Australia)

The Sharing Economy 

Benita Matofska, Founder, The People Who Share (UK)

Legal structures and accreditation - why does it matter?

Lucy Findlay, CEO, Social Enterprise Mark CIC (UK)

Where does money come from and why does it matter? 

Rachel Oliver, Head of Campaigns & Organising, Positive Money (UK)

A world of wealth - how much investment potential is out there?

Rachel Mountain, Head of Marketing & Communications, Ethex (UK)

Why putting people first matters

Paul Deroy, CEO, Investors in People CIC (UK)

Changing consumer trends and what they're looking for when purchasing

Sian Conway, Founder at Ethical Hour (UK)

Corporate partnerships, supply chains and opportunities for social enterprises

Andy Daly, Corporate Partnerships, Social Enteprise UK (UK)

More guests & topics to be confirmed soon....

What's our environmenal future without social enterprise?  

Why "traditional business" is bringing in social enterprise to their supply chain?  

What is the circular economy?  

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Your Host 

Kat Luckock

Kat has been a Social Entrepreneur since 2013 when she established Solutions for the Planet with Jen Baughan. 

She now helps other social entrepreneurs as an Impact Strategist & Business Coach to attract more customers and grow their businesses through measuring and communicating their social or environmental impact better. 

She is passionate about creating opportunities for conversations that matter on a larger scale. 

Starts Monday 19th November

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